Eight week Jabs

Lacie had her eight week jabs yesterday. These are given by injection (one in each leg) and then by mouth via a dropper. She was such a brave girl and had no real bad side effects apart from lethargically and sleepiness.

I was so proud that she was super brave that today we spent the day having lots of cuddles and playtime, which is where her new toy this Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Crib to Floor Mobile came in. We had fun for a good hour, with smiles and everything. She even played with it whilst me and Daddy ate our dinner. A whole dinner without any cries or cuddles – result!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 20.48.58

Basically, the mobile sits on the floor and plays up to 20 minutes of music and features 8 colourful friends that spin overhead. The bright colours and patterns really caught her attention – she didn’t know where to look!

There is also a mirror and bat-at rollerball which keeps her happy during tummy time and encourages her to lift her head up and play with what’s in front of her, plus the Tiger, Lion, Monkey and Frog plush characters on the mobile can be brought down and attached to the base, providing great bat-at and reach & grasp play. There is so much to play with.

Most of all the music isn’t annoying AT ALL. It’s upbeat and fun and include lullabies and nature sounds to calm and soothe.

This is her in action…well and truly amazed by the colourful animals.


Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Crib to Floor Mobile. £49.99

Babycademy – Start teaching them young

While baby is sleeping I had to quickly log on and tell you how impressed I am with Lacie’s brand new Babycademy Music Time kit.  

This arrived on my doorstep the dar after I got back from hospital and we both love it. 


Basically the box which contains ten lesson plans, a CD soundtrack, a toy maraca, a story book about Wilson the Whistling Tree Frog, a Wilson The From hand puppet and an orange silky scarf allows me and the little one to spend some quality time together every day singing and having focused playtime. 

At first I thought she was too young to do this but we have been doing it since she was two weeks old and every time I now put the CD on, her eyes widen and she’s started to smile, knowing that its time to have fun and sing. 

We are only on lesson plan one at the moment but we are learning to wave hello, touch our nose, touch our toes and wave goodbye – it’s great fun doing the actions with her. 

I would definitely recommend this nifty little box set to everyone with babies and children. Research shows that early exposure to music can offer enormous benefits to a baby’s development and it definitely provides us with fun, mummy and daughter time. 

I can’t wait until the next session plan that encourages tummy time. I’m hoping that when she hears the song that goes with tummy time, she will look forward to being placed on her tum and kicking her legs around. It’s a great way to give them some routine and of course help them learn new skills in a fun, original way!