Nuna IVVI pushchair review

Last month, my review for the Nuna Pipa carseat was published on Made For Mums, a fast-growing online community where all parents and parents-to-be can share info, support, fun stuff and friends. I feel so privileged to part of a great site, and just love reviewing all these amazing products. 
Since then I have been lucky enough to review another Nuna product, this time a super duper pushchair also known as Nuna IVVI. It’s an exclusive to Kiddicare, another website that I regularly contribute too. Here’s my review…if you are a company and would like me review one of your products, then please email me at


Nuna, a smart, Dutch inspired brand is run by a father of two who wanted to combine style with durability and functionality. All their products are made using incredibly high end and durable materials and most-importantly are created to grow with your child – there’s nothing worse than having to change your pushchair once they get too big.  


Nuna, a smart, Dutch inspired brand is run by a father of two who wanted to combine style with durability and functionality. All their products are made using incredibly high end and durable materials and most-importantly are created to grow with your child – there’s nothing worse than having to change your pushchair once they get too big.  

The Nuna IVVI, is a luxury pushchair system and has been designed exclusively for Kiddicare. The best thing about it is that all components are sold separately, which is great if you are short on space and don’t want to have to store something that you may not need or use for the time-being. With its space-age looks, the Nuna IVVI is practical and simple to use.

That said, it will set you back £600 for just the stroller – and will cost an additional £200 for the carrycot, but is it worth that sort of cash?

I tested this with my 3-month-old daughter, Lacie.

Optional extras

  • Carrycot
  • Footmuff
  • Car seat

How was it out of the box?

I was really impressed with how simple it was to put together. You simply pop it out the box, click on the all-terrain wheels and you’re good to go. Changing from forward to rear facing couldn’t be easier, it just clips out and you turn it round and slot it back in, although with a new-born rear-facing was the order of the day. 

What about folding?

The Nuna IVVI’s folding mechanism, like all the other adjustments, feels crisp and precise and the pushchair can be folded with or without the seat attached. It folds simply by sliding two clips either side of the buggy towards you before neatly lowering down, making a neat parcel, which you can then wheel to and fro like a trolley. It stands safely on its own too, so no tough carrying or balancing when loading the car. 
To unfold the buggy, you just pull the handle towards you and flip it open. You can also remove the airless tyres at the click of a button.

Did you like the style?

The buggy comes in four colours, ‘Caviar’, ‘Safari’, ‘Ruby’ and ‘Graphite.’ All colours are lavish yet understated making each of them?perfect for both boys and girls.

How is it to push?

The Nuna IVVI’s is comfortable to push. It glides along swiftly, and is easy to steer even on uneven terrain – but tight turns were tougher due to the size. The lockable front swivel wheels handle the bumpiest of surfaces beautifully, whilst its suspension technology also helps to absorb the biggest of bumps, making it perfect for even the lightest of sleepers. The pushchair can be pushed easily with one hand too – and the adjustable push bar made it comfortable for my 6ft 2 husband. No excuses now!

What about the hood?

The hood is fab too, it folds right down to cover your little one, and has an extendable canopy with a flip out eyeshade, which is extremely easy to use when baby needs shading from the sun. There is also a ‘peek-a-boo’ window at the back, allowing you to check on your sleeping baby. This, like everything else, has been well considered and is held in place easily with discrete magnets.

How comfortable was it?

The chair is lengthy and I’ve no doubt it would be suitable for my baby for a long time. My 3-month-old went off to sleep quickly and looked so comfortable with the well-padded and luxurious liner. Her head was also well supported by the head hugger and although she looked small in such a big seat, I was satisfied that she was extremely snug and secure. The lap restraint bar seems to be pretty low, but like everything else it can be easily tilted, opened, or removed completely with a few clicks.

What did you think of the storage basket?

I loved the well-structured shopping basket at the base, too. It has two compartments, which are easily accessible and huge…perfect for holding shopping and her change bag yet secure enough for holding my handbag and purse.

How compact and portable was it?

I found it pretty awkward when shopping in small shops and getting in and out of doors. The back wheels are very wide and I got caught up on something or crashed into things very easily – my steering probably didn’t help!

At only 5ft 2, I also felt the pushchair was very dominating and got lots of “Gosh that’s big” comments. It was also difficult putting it into the boot of my small corsa. It was easier to pop it on the back seat, rather than take the wheels off each time I wanted to go in the car, meaning my back seats had to be protected from any muck that had accumulated on the wheels. I also wouldn’t be comfortable getting on and off of trains and buses with it, especially in busy cities like London.Thankfully, I live it Kent with big quiet footpaths, which made it perfect for walking with.

Is it good value for money?

It’s pretty expensive too. At £600 for just the pushchair, you’ll also need to fork out for a footmuff in the winter, which retails at £70, the (see review: carrycot which is £200 and if required the Pipa carseat , which is £150 and comes with adapters that fit on the pushchair’s frame, again very easily.

Who is the Nuna IVVI best for?

Parents who love to walk everywhere, and want a smooth, plush ride for them and their little ones.

In a nutshell

The Nuna IVVI has been thoughtfully designed. It’s a joy to push in spacious areas and the great outdoors, but it’s expensive. You do however get what you pay for and will benefit from a robust, long-lasting pushchair that looks modern and comfortable for you and your little angel. Just don’t expect it to be pretty. It’s more contemporary than attractive but has lots of user-friendly features, which don’t require a manual to utilise. 

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Nuna Pipa Carseat Review

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to do some writing for Made For Mums. I am one of their reviewers and for my first project tested the Nuna Pipa carseat.

Here’s what I had to say about it, which can also be found on the Made For Mums Website.

The Nuna PIPA was created by a team of Dutch designers with the aim of designing products that not only look good, but are also super functional. As parents themselves, the idea behind the brand is that they want to help take some of the hard work out of parenting, so it can be enjoyed with as little stress as possible. They certainly did this with the PIPA car seat.

Since launching at the end of 2013, the PIPA has won a whole host of prizes including a silver award in the Best Group 0+ Car Seat category for the UK’s 2014 Prima Baby Awards, a silver award in the Best Specialist Car Seat category for the UK’s 2014 Mother and Baby Awards, a red dot award while also being named the Most High-Tech car seat in the USA’s 2013 The Bump: Best of Baby Awards. It was also a nominated finalist in the child restraints category for the USA’s 2013 JPMA Innovation Award.

These awards are well-deserved in my opinion as the car seat is chic, sturdy and most importantly safe. It felt bulletproof yet comfortable for my precious 11-week old daughter, Lacie.

What safety features does it have?
The first outings in the car with a newborn can often be stressful. Have I put the car seat in correctly? Is it secure? Is she comfortable? All these questions can dampen your trip home from the hospital when actually you should be on cloud nine. With the Nuna PIPA, you can rest assured that the toughest safety standards have been met; it has a five-point harness to keep the little one in place and has a heavy duty shell made out of super resilient, top of the line plastics. The upper portion of the seat is also covered with energy absorbing foam, whilst the seat also boosts side impact protection.

How easy was it to fit in the car?
The instructions were easy to read with numbered images helping to explain everything you need to know, and the car seat came fully assembled in the box, so it was all ready to go. I loved how easy it was to fit into the car using the seatbelt, plus how easy it was to get in the right position – there is a blue line on the side, which needs to be horizontal to the chair. This stops the baby’s head falling forward, which not only looks incredibly uncomfortable on their fragile neck, but could also constrict their airway and cause a breathing issues. To make things even easier, you can but the PIPA ISOFIX base, which allows you to fit the seat into to car in less than five seconds with two easy steps. This comes at a cost though…

How comfortable was it?
My daughter looked super cozy and seating in a nice position and for once I wasn’t stressing if she was comfortable. The UV shield was also handy for blocking the sun out of her eyes, and just simply flips out without you having to stop and fiddle with it, plus the adjustable handle bar was nicely positioned which meant I could hang some toys of it. This made me, and her happy, as they distracted her and swung too and fro with the motion of the car.


Was it good value for money?
It’s not cheap. The seat itself retails at £150 and if you go for the ISOFIX base option, then that’s another £130. But there’s also lots of features that will blow your mind, like the three crotch buckle positions, the padded insert, which is designed for newborns and can be removed when necessary – and the three different handle positions.  However, don’t be daunted, this chair will seat your baby until they reach 13kg so you don’t need to know everything straight away. You can adjust things as they grow and keep referring back to the manual as and when you have more time.

Who is the Nuna PIPA best for?
Safety-conscious parents who want a few extra features and don’t mind paying for them. It’s also perfect for those looking for a chair that will last and grow with their child.

In a nutshell
The Nuna PIPA is a solid all-rounder. Yes, it’s a brand that you might not of heard of, but lots of thought has gone into this car seat; the dream drape is perfect for sleepy newborns, which magically tucks away into a zipped compartment on top of the hood, the UV sun protector is perfect for sunny days, which you simply flip  out from inside hood and the fact that it fits little ones from 4-32 pounds, makes it a pretty good investment.