Baby-friendly Holidays

I can’t believe that in less than six weeks, we’ll be jetting off on our first holiday. It wasn’t our usual spur of the ‘Lets’s book a holiday’ moment, instead me and my husband had to do quite a lot of research as it’s not just us anymore.

So, after lots of research, we decided to go back to a Kempinski hotel. We went to one back in October for our Babymoon and it was just amazing, so it was a no-brainer to look at other sites the chain had to offer. We agreed on Marbella. Not only is it a two and a half hour plane journey away, the hotel is baby friendly and the weather in May shouldn’t be too hot. We also felt that Spain isn’t too far away from home plus the hotel has private doctors on call should we need anything, a kids club (although Lacie will be too young), a gym for me and my hubby and also some lovely grounds that we can enjoy with Lacie, She loves walking with us in the Baby Bjorn One carrier.

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So now the holiday is all booked, I have the joy of thinking about what I need to pack for the three of us. I’ve never been on holiday with a new born before. So far my list is;
Nappy bags
Nappy cream, moisturiser etc
Summer dresses
Baby grows
Bed sheets
Car seat for taxi ride
Sun cream
Swimming costume
Sleeping Gro Bag
Sterilising stuff for dummy
Toys (rattle etc), comforter

I think that’s it for the moment…I will keep adding to my list though as I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten…..

Have you booked your Babymoon yet?

I was recently lucky enough to go on my babymoon. At 26 weeks I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some sunshine and relaxation before the airlines ban me from flying. I find flying uncomfortable at the best of times, let alone with a bump and already swollen ankles.
Me and my hubby booked the seven-night Babymoon package  at the Kempinski Hotel in Barbaros Bay, Turkey. Knowing it was my babymoon, I was really expecting to be surrounded by other pregnant women, enjoying the same package as us. We wasn’t. I was the only pregnant lady there (I think) and we were truly looked after. 


In between relaxing around the pool and paddling our feet in the turquoise Aegean Sea, I had a treatment every day, ranging from a 50-minute pregnancy massage to a 80-minute facial in their exclusive spa.

Daddy-to-be had a few massages thrown in too, to help relief his tired body, and give him some much-deserved TLC after looking after me for the last six months.

I also had a wonderful new treatment called Watsu. Now I’ve been to a few spas in my time, but never heard of this, which is a holistic therapy, that immerses the body in warm water and allows the water to gently stretch the joints. It’s hard to imagine, but you basically tie mini floats around your legs and let your therapist gently rock you and twist and turn you as the water supports your body, while stretching out your limbs.

The idea is that the warm water (about 92 to 94 degrees) relaxes your muscles whilst you floating in the water takes pressure off of the vertebrae and your joints and so they can be manipulated easily and any aches and pains can be soothed and relieved. It was a very relaxing treatment, although I did find it hard to let go at first and let my therapist swoosh me around in the water. It lasted 50 minutes and by the end I felt weightless and totally away with the fairies. I would most certainly like to try it again.


So would I recommend that you go on a babymoon before your little one arrives? Absolutely! Apart from coming back with a renewed sense of energy, I have a glowing tan to match my glowing and growing bump, I feel totally prepared and excited to face my third trimester and I’ve had a chance to read a few books that have helped prepare me better for my pregnancy and labour (Like Effective Birth Preparation by Maggie Howell and Your Pregnancy Companion by Zita West, to name a few.)

Me and my husband have also totally reconnected and talked lots about what’s to come, whilst spending some quality time together without work and nursery decorating getting in the way.