Toddler Swimming Lessons at Virgin Active- Lacie’s progress

As you have probably read on past blogs, Lacie has been swimming since she was 11 weeks old. We defiantly have our good lessons and bad lessons. She can now tell me what she wants to do in the pool and doesn’t – especially when it’s time to go under the water. “No, mummy, no mummy.” When she was a baby, she just did exactly as she was told!

I really can’t fault the lessons at Virgin Active though. We have had the same teacher from day one, which is great for both of us, and she has made some great friends. Virgin Active in Bromley also have great facilities and it’s lovely having lunch in the cafe afterwards – before she has a mammoth sleep. Swimming really is great for wearing her out!

Here’s a few things I do to keep Lacie interested and enthusiastic about going in the pool. She certainly has her off days when it comes to the lessons, but I really don’t want to be a pushy mum, so I try to make things as fun as possible for her!

  • First, things first, every term I ALWAYS get her a new swimming costume. These days she even chooses it herself and recently chose this Zoggs Tutu ‘swimdress’ (Girls Sea Garden Tuille Swimdress; £15.00). She loves bright colours and everytime we put it on, she says “Ballet” and sings “Let it go”. She obviously feels glamourous in it! The reason I like the costume is that it’s also quick drying and has a criss cross back, which stops the straps falling down, a problem we’ve had in the past!
    Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.06.57
  • We always meet her friend Henry in the changing room a little bit early. They can then get ready together, have a baby-talk natter and go in the pool a little bit before the lesson starts.
  • Pool toys; Watering cans, floats, fish & hoops, you name it, she loves sitting on the side and playing before the lesson starts. I get her wet with the watering can before encouraging her to jump in the pool. Humpty Dumpty is a great way of getting her in. Recently I also got her these Peppa Pig ‘Peppa and George squirts‘, which we take in the pool with us. I do things like throw Pepper slightly in front of us and make her paddle her arms to get her, or pop both Peppa and George on a float and encourage her to hold on to the float and kick her legs. It seems to be doing the trick!IMG_0310
  • We make sure we swim as a family at the weekends. Lacie loves swimming with Daddy around, and infact, the one time he came to watch her swim, she had the most fantastic swimming lesson and did everything that Sandy our instructor said. Mark was so impressed with her progress, which is reassuring – it’s hard for me to see sometimes, as I take her every week.
  • After swimming snacks. Lacie always has a cheeky little snack after she’s got changed. Right now her favourite bars are Perkier Cashew, Chia & Pumpkin Seed Quinoa bars. They are free from refined sugar and packed fibre (to keep her fuller for longer), protein (for strong healthy muscles and tissue), omega 3 (for concentration and brain health), and antioxidants, to keep her healthy and well. She loves them, and I love how much goodness they have in them!
    Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.06.09

For more information on baby and toddler swimming lessons, check out Virgin Active’s Swim Starz programme here;



Day 8 – 21 day fat loss challenge

Sorry for lack of post yesterday. I had a mummy’s day out for some work stuff, had lunch with some friends and then had my nails done – so the rest of my evening was playing with Lacie and spending some quality time with her. I still feel guilty leaving her for a few hours, even though I know she’s having fun with Nanny. That said, my day wasn’t great yesterday. I tend to have a cheat meal every 7 days and yesterday was that day. It’s ok though, I enjoyed it and got straight back on the wagon today. It’s easy to beat yourself up if you’ve had a few treats, but I say enjoy them and move on. It really is all about balance.

So how did day 8 go? Well. I went to the gym yesterday morning and did Tababa circuits, so today was my rest day. No gym. I did however walk into town and get a few bits from the shops before breakfast, so I did a good hour of fasted cardio.

I then came home and had my low carb bread toasted with mashed avocado and melted goats cheese with some scrambled eggs for breakfast. Good fats and protein, always help balance my blood sugar levels after a cheat meal. I then had a client, followed by some homemade tomato soup and a handful of almonds for lunch, followed by another client at 3pm. Me and Lacie then shared a pear and some CO YO before having a homemade chilli made with organic mince beef and some quinoa and spinach.
It was then off with another client – who I took out for a 5k run. It was freezing outside but so nice to get some fresh air and move my legs after feeling so sleepy after my 3pm client.

Today I’ve stuck to 1400 calories. I’ve had quite a bit of fat (all good fats though) so need to keep an eye on that tomorrow. Fat is still fat at the end of the day, good or not. I did also measure myself and after four weeks of keeping an eye on my nutrition and changing my training I’ve lost 5 and a half inches all over. It just shows that the scale lies. I’ve lost hardly nothing on the scales but I’m blatantly smaller all over – meaning my clothes feel nice again. I even wore some old size 8 trousers yesterday that I struggled to get into even before I was pregnant!

Day 6 – 21 day weight loss challenge

Day 6 already…and it’s been another good day.

I started the day off with an hour’s without. I won’t lie, I very nearly stayed in bed, but I didn’t. I lied to myself and said I’d do 20 minutes, but once I got stuck in it ended up being 65 minutes! I’m glad I did it. Today’s session consisted of tube walking, planks & squats to warm up, then some overhead squats to help improve my strength followed by a 15 minute circuit at the end of goblet squats, burpees, squat jumps & more burpees.

I then had scrambled eggs, avocado & almonds for breakfast, homemade tomato soup for lunch, some homemade CO YO and banana ice-cream mid arvo (yes it was amazing!) and then a chicken breast & salad for dinner.

With my soup I also had this amazing Sukrin low carb bread. It was delish. I really crave the stodginess of bread now it’s cold (and I’m tired!) and that Lacie has toast every day. I have to throw her left overs away as soon as she’s finished just so I’m not tempted. Wheat doesn’t agree with me, and I haven’t eaten toast for years…why start now?! Thanks Lacie!! 🙂

So for now I’m going to have the Sukrin bread instead. It was so easy to make!
I literally added 250ml of water to the mixture then baked in the oven for 1 hour and 20 mins. They even provide the tray for you to bake it in!

The bread is low carb, gluten free, dairy free and made from seeds. I’ll definitely be buying this again and perhaps add some raisins or sultanas into the mixture to make it more of a sweet treat.


Today I’ve stuck to around 1400 calories again and weighed myself just to see how I was getting on. There was a slight shift…61.4kg rather than 61.5kg. It’s not alot but at least it’s going in the right direction!

New mums – this is for you! Cherish Every Moment!

I’ve just been reading a few blogs and searching the web as my gorgeous girl sleeps and came across this! I thought I would share it – It’s my new screen saver and rang so true in my mind, especially after a few tough nights of late. Yes as new mums, there are good days and bad days and days where you think – Jeez I just want a quiet bath in peace. We are all human after all!
Life is short and it’s true that time goes so fast, so if you’ve have a bad night, been nutted in the head (yes I currently have a black eye!) or have a teething baby that won’t settle, then live in the moment and try to attend both of your needs. Whether that’s a nap together, popping your baby in your bed at night or putting them in the carrier and going for a nice walk. Cherish your baby and remember each day is a gift!


Dear Mamas
Cherish each and every moment for today in the most important of your life right here, right now.
We are not promised tomorrow.
But, by tomorrow, they will be a bit older and you will never have this exact moment in time with them again.
Each day is a gift.
Slow down and take time to sink in every smile, laugh, cry and sleepless night.
For you won’t have this moment with them tomorrow…..

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 21.14.56