Pregnancy countdown – 41 days and I indulge in….

.a Neom Feel Amazing Treat box – For New & Soon To Be Mums

Wow – I’m now over 34 weeks pregnant and feeling the effects – especially at night time. The day is fine. I’m still active, writing features from my desk, sitting on my Wellness Ball and still training one or two clients (I had my last one today – boo!) but the night is painful. My hips go numb from where I lie on my side – all I want is to lay on my belly. No chance!

They say that at night its best to sleep on your left hand side as this position helps blood and nutrients to flow to your baby and uterus (womb) and helps your kidneys get rid of waste and fluid. You should also avoid laying on your back because the weight of your uterus lies on the spine, back muscles, intestines, and major blood vessels, which can lead to muscle aches and pains, and impaired circulation, which is uncomfortable for you and can reduce circulation to your baby.
Don’t worry I often find myself on my back at night. I just move straight back to my left. You’re body will soon let you know when it’s time to move, just try and get out of the habit of it!

So to help me sleep, this Neom box of goodies, has been a saviour!


The Cocooning Bath Oil ( 50ml ) is soothing and relaxing. Great for unwinding before bed and helping you to get nice and sleepy so you doze of quicker and easier.

The Cocooning Travel Candle is perfect for having on as you dry yourself off and rub yourself down in the Cocooning Body Oil which will help keep your skin soft and supple, whilst avoiding stretch marks. It’s smells divine too – light and fruity with a hint of Ylang Ylang, Chamomile and Jasmine. Delicious!

It’s so important to really look after yourself at this time of pregnancy as you do tend to forget about yourself and sometimes feel a bit fed up of all the effort of everyday life. Enjoy these last few weeks – I am. Because before I know it I know I will have my little bubba in my arms and missing these long relaxing baths and pampering sessions!


More Relaxing, More walking, More food – But still soooo tired….

As part of my recovery, it’s been lovely to spend some weekends away with my husband.

For our first wedding anniversary, we ventured to one of favourite places in England – Bovey Castle.

It’s a Country house hotel on Dartmoor in Devon and surrounded by the most gorgeous green landscape – you can’t hear or see a car for miles when peering out your bedroom window.

Although I did use the gym here – which is pretty tiny but all the same still a gym, we also swam in the pool which overlooks the ground, ate at The Edwardian Grill, and went for a two hour country walk through the windy lanes. It was lush – not a car in sight!

I also had the most amazing massage at the SUNDÃRI Spa – an Abhyanga massage, a gentle but firm whole body massage from head to toe using warm medicated oils.

The massage is done in a soft rhythmic way and was a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating experience which definitely helped my stress, anxiety and exhaustion levels.

Even though the massage and the whole weekend was supposed to be targeting my exhaustion levels, I couldn’t understand why I kept falling asleep. Perhaps it was because i was in a nice and relaxed environment – or perhaps it was because something else! I had most certainly cut down on my exercises sessions and intensity, I was sleeping MUCH, MUCH more – so much so I had at least three naps that whole weekend and couldn’t sit around the pool because it was far too warm and making me feel faint and sick.  Something was up, so I investigated. For once I wasn’t disappointed with the results…..


Simply Healing – Abdominal Healing

Since leaving the wonderful Simply Healing Retreat, I’ve kept in touch with Vivien and been seeing her for extra healing and treatments. One treatment that really stuck out for me was The Abdominal Sacral Massage’s that the retreat offers.

Vivien came across these when she was visiting Hawaii and first became really aware of how well the women looked after each other, groomed each other and supported each other.

One day she came across four women laying their sister or cousin down on a bed of rocks with the sea washing over her gently in waves. I realised that they were using the energy of the waves to massage her body: as the water came in their hands would go one way, and as it went out they would go the other. The whole rhythm of nature and the sea was part of this ritual.

She asked the women why they did this and they said that their sister was trying to have a baby and explained that the lower (sacral) part of the body had become congested and this particular massage helped to decongest it. As part of her healing journey she spent time with this family every Sunday for six weeks to see what the outcome was – and was struck by how keen everyone was to share their traditional techniques with me. She then brought that info back to the UK and sent her therapists on a course in the UK to learn the technique.

I was  lucky enough to have this massage two or three times during my treatment at Simply healing and although it was relaxing, have to say that it was very weird too.  It feels like you are having a deep massage of your womb and organs, and it feels like everything is starting to align and relax internally. No-one ever thinks to massage your insides – it’s usually all about the outsides, which makes this massage pretty unique.

Instantly I felt lighter and that everything was working abit smoother again. More importantly, Nicky, the therapist, showed me where my womb/uterus lay and taught me that I could also massage it myself. If she hadn’t of shown me this, I would have probably ended up massaging my bladder!

Being able to do this myself (not as well as Nicky of course) gave me another tool in my toolbox that I could do myself when taking some time out and relaxing. Boosting your circulation to your womb, ovaries, and fallopian tubes can only boost your chances ever more of naturally conceiving – while also helping bloating and digestive orders to name a few!