21 day fat loss challenge

I’ve had another bloody virus. Sore throat, sore ears, dizziness, the shakes etc, so my training with Bearwolf has been put on hold until I recover. I tried a workout on Monday and ended up feeling dizzy and seeing stars. I just called it quits and went back in until I recovered. It’s really not worth putting your body under the stress.

I’m still feeling weird but going to start my 21 day challenge again tomorrow and just fill up on green juices and super-greens. I’m guessing all the vitamins & minerals will do me the world of good!

That said I’m going to a Purifyne three day juice detox. I basically start the day with lemon & hot water with some supplements, then have a green juice at breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon & dinner. I also have a nut butter shake mid afternoon, which looks really creamy and delicious. I know it’s not ideal starting a detox when you’re not 100% but I’m not eating much anyway and if I’m not training (so unlike me!) it’s probably the best time to do it!

So wish me luck. I have three days of juices, then I’m moving onto a 7 day protein challenge with UpBeat. I’m hoping I will back in the gym then and all the protein will start building me up again and give me the energy to train again.

I’ll weigh myself and keep an eye on how my clothes fit and hope that over the next 21 days I’ll get rid of that last kilo. I was 64.5kg after I had Lacie and now 59.3kg, so it’s all going in the right direction.

I’ll let you know how day 1 of juicing goes tomorrow.

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