Day 10 – 21 day fat loss challenge

Day 10 started with a 55-minute workout consisting of 400 sprints and high rep resistance exercises. I had a good day yesterday and managed a run in the morning and a gym session at Virgin Active in the evening, so to say I slept well last night is an understatement.

I’m really in to my CO YO at the moment so for breakfast I had a frozen banana blended with chocolate CO YO, cinnamon, chai seeds and vanilla SPIRU-TEIN. It tasted like a thick and silky chocolate milkshake!  It’s the first time I’ve had this type of protein powder and I was pleasantly surprised.
The protein powder features 14g of protein derived from soy, rice and pea and contains Bee Pollen, Chlorophyll and added fibre to help fill you up. The only thing I don’t like is that it contains Fructose and I would rather it be sugar free but I suppose you can’t have it all!

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 16.38.34

After breakfast I took a walk to Virgin Active to sign Lacie up for her next lot of swimming lessons, she really does love the water, then came home and had a chicken salad followed by some vegetable crisps.

For dinner I had salmon and vegetables and for my mid-afternoon snack had two satsumas.

Today worked out around 1600 calories, so a bit more than the last few days but it’s all from good foods so I’m really not worried that it’s worked out more. I’ve also had a ton more water, which as you know is vital for weight loss and regulating appetite.

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