21 weight loss challenge – Day 5

I’m going to have to keep this post quick as it’s been a long day socialising with friends – and I have bottles and food to make for the next few days.
My day started today with a 7 mile run, which took me exactly an hour – I’m super happy with that as I haven’t run that distance since falling pregnant and it’s the first time that I haven’t been out and been counting down the miles!

I then came home and had a protein bar, followed by some some almonds, before taking Lacie swimming with my husband and his parents. We then had lunch out – I had a chicken kebab with salad and a wholemeal pitta bread.

It was then off to my sisters for a birthday party and some fireworks. There I had some chill (no rice – or cheese!) followed by a slice of birthday cake. Not great – but it fitted into my calorie count and who can resist a slice of chocolate cake eh?!

We got Lacie home for 7:30 so she could get to bed and I had a snack of almond butter – eaten off a spoon. Yum!

Have hit around 1400 calories again today, with not too much damage considering I was at a birthday party. It feels like I haven’t stopped, so I’m sure it hasn’t even had a chance to hit my thighs….yet!

Day six tomorrow….

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