New mums – this is for you! Cherish Every Moment!

I’ve just been reading a few blogs and searching the web as my gorgeous girl sleeps and came across this! I thought I would share it – It’s my new screen saver and rang so true in my mind, especially after a few tough nights of late. Yes as new mums, there are good days and bad days and days where you think – Jeez I just want a quiet bath in peace. We are all human after all!
Life is short and it’s true that time goes so fast, so if you’ve have a bad night, been nutted in the head (yes I currently have a black eye!) or have a teething baby that won’t settle, then live in the moment and try to attend both of your needs. Whether that’s a nap together, popping your baby in your bed at night or putting them in the carrier and going for a nice walk. Cherish your baby and remember each day is a gift!


Dear Mamas
Cherish each and every moment for today in the most important of your life right here, right now.
We are not promised tomorrow.
But, by tomorrow, they will be a bit older and you will never have this exact moment in time with them again.
Each day is a gift.
Slow down and take time to sink in every smile, laugh, cry and sleepless night.
For you won’t have this moment with them tomorrow…..

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Aptaclub Quiz – win a Nutribullet kit and a Babybullet kit worth £200!

I’m a huge fan and advocate of nutrition for health and wellness, especially when it comes to fertility, the recovery after your birth and feeding your baby. I’m a great example that you can positively influence your health through your diet before and during pregnancy. I’ve also discovered through feeding Lacie the right things from the word go, that what you feed your baby can make a huge difference to their mood, energy and development – which is why I LOVE the new Aptaclub website.

The infant nutrition company has designed this helpful website to give you all the nutrition advice and expertise you need to help you make the right decisions to support your pregnancy and baby’s development at every stage. Whether you’re trying to feed your growing fetus the best foods possible, you’re breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or weaning, there is an extensive range of features to help you along the way as well as videos and experts on hand 24-hours a day to answer all your nutrition questions.

So my question to you is how much do you really know about nutrition in pregnancy? For example did you know that you don’t need any additional calories when pregnant until you reach 27 weeks? Me either! Eating for two – I don’t think so!

Here’s the quiz – it will literally take a few minutes of your time, and once you’re done you will automatically be entered into a draw to win a Nutribullet and a Babybullet kit, so both you and your baby can eat healthy food without the fuss!

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 20.34.12

The Nutribullet is perfect for making smoothies and soups, as it completely breaks down your food and mixes it together without losing any nutrients.

The Babybullet kit  includes 1x Power Base, 1x Cross Blade, 1x Flat Blade, 1x Batch Bowl, 2x Short Cups, 2x Stay-fresh Re-sealable Lids, 1x Spatula, 2x Batch Trays, 2x Batch Tray Lids, 6x Date Dial Storage Cups, 1x Storage Tray, 1x User Manual & Cook Book, 1x Pocket Nutritionist

The Babybullet kit includes 1x Power Base, 1x Cross Blade, 1x Flat Blade, 1x Batch Bowl, 2x Short Cups, 2x Stay-fresh Re-sealable Lids, 1x Spatula, 2x Batch Trays, 2x Batch Tray Lids, 6x Date Dial Storage Cups, 1x Storage Tray, 1x User Manual & Cook Book, 1x Pocket Nutritionist

Enjoy the quiz and I hope you learn something new. I certainly did!

Fisher-Price Discover Your Way

As you will know from previous posts, me  & Lacie are huge fans of Fisher-Price. She’s had toys from them right from the word go, which have helped her develop and have kept her entertained no matter what age.

Now the leading infant and pre-school brand, has launched ‘Discover Your Way’, a celebration of all the wonderful and different ways that children like to play helping them to develop happily at their own natural pace.

The leading toy company knows that children are happiest developing at their own natural pace, creating products perfectly designed to feed children’s natural curiosity, encourage exploration, stimulate imagination and facilitate discovery through play, to help babies learn and grow their way – that’s what I love about Fisher-Price toys, they evolve with your baby and at their own pace!
I love how I can leave Lacie on her own to play sometimes whilst I make the dinner or heat her bottles – I’m always so surprised by how engrossed she is in just one toy and how much she already knows instinctively about how it works and what things to press and pull. These babies are too clever!

Take the Laugh & Learn® Puppy’s Smart Stages for instance. The 50+ sing-along songs, tunes & phrases helps Lacie pick up new words, while the sounds help spark her curiosity. The motorized train also encourages her to crawl-along after the train (she is soooo nearly there!) and the slider ladybug, ABC spinner, number roller and clacker beads keeps her hands and brain busy – they all do different things, so she never gets bored.
Their toys are definitely all about helping her to figure things out for herself; Playing her own way and at her own pace.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 15.23.09

Have you checked out the new Fisher-Price Discovery Your Way TV Advert also? I am loving it. These moments in a baby’s life are special and the advert totally portrays how curious and clever these little human beings are. Put a toy in front of them and just watch how they explore it and spend hours playing with it….you can almost hear their little minds ticking. It’s lovely!