Lacie’s Magic Door – redecorating her playroom

Life has been some-what hectic the last month or so. We was going to move house – but it all fell through due to a history of subsidence on the new house. So we decided to stay put and just jazz up our current house. It has three bedrooms, so really with just the three of us, we don’t need much more room.

One thing we did decide to do was make one of our reception rooms into a playroom for Lacie. We had a totally blank canvas so deciding what to do in there was tough, but we came up with a solution and decided to build in cupboards as storage for all her toys and make it a fun, colourful room, which she could enjoy now and for many years to come.

Here’s what we did;
Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 17.34.42

You can see that we painted the walls a subtle pink colour and then we brought some grass wall stickers to put all around the room. We then added some 3D butterflies and brought this amazing grass carpet, which feels and looks like grass – and is really soft.
Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 17.34.16

The best bit about the room has to be The Fairy door, which sits just above the skirting board. We got it from The Magic Door store and just love it. I think its going to be a great way to tell stories when Lacie is older, telling her that the fairies only come out at night – and If she is really good, then they may leave the odd note and present – and of course leave a bit fairy dust on the carpet as they come and go.
Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 17.36.49

I’m so fond of the Fairy Door, that I’ve arranged a competition for one of my lucky followers on Twitter to win one. All you need to do is foliow me and the Magic Door Store and then RT my post about the competition. The winner can be from anywhere in the world and can choose one fairy door or elf door of their choice.

The doors are really easy to fit (they come with some putty to help you attach it to your wall) and come with a small bottle of Magic Dust and a welcome note for the fairies.

As I said, I’m so excited to have one of these in Lacie’s room (I’m probably more excited than she is at the moment!) Just imagine her excitement when she discovers tiny magic dust footprints on the floor and little gifts and messages left especially by a magical fairy!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 17.29.20


Grass carpet from The Flooring Company –
Fairy Door from The Magic Door Store –

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