Babyshower Gifts – part one

Baby shower gifts can be hard to buy. Do you go practical or cute?

To help you select the best gifts I searched high and low to help you find cute and practical.

Now I have to warn you, that they are mainly pink, BUT I am having a girl, so you can’t blame me for having my pink hat on!

This cute little packet of baby products is 100% natural, providing your baby with gentle, caring ingredients including calendula to soothe your babies skin and antiseptic properties that prevent against infection to nurture your infant inside and out.
Inside there is Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash, Calendula Facial Cream , Calendula Baby Oil , Calendula Nappy Change Cream and Calendula Baby Lotion.
They all smell lovely but aren’t overpowering and come in a handy travel pack that fits nicely into a nappy bag or bathroom cabinet – although – I wouldn’t have them hidden away. It’s nice to have them on display and remind yourself how precious and special your baby is.


The iconic Forever Friends Bear; £10
This soft little bear is the perfect accessory to a nursery. It’s not too big, not too small and has the cutest polka dot pattern on the feet and bow tie. I remember loving Forever Friends as a kid. Long live the legacy.


Bonnie baby London Cashmere Playsuit ‘SNUGGLE ME CLOUD’; £74.75
I just fell in love with this Cashmere Babysuit as soon as I saw it. It’s so soft and the cloud pattern is really sweet. There’s nothing like a cozy baby dressed in the softest material around. I can imagine that baby would get a lot of use out of this, so yes it may seem expensive but quality is so much better than quantity when it comes to a baby’s comfort. Don’t you think?


Graces Favours Poppy Felt Shoes; £25
Ok, so they’re not pink, but still so pretty all the same. I love that you can take the poppies off really easily and that they are so soft, which makes them ideal for a newborns feet. You don’t want anything too structured or rigid to start with. All the products on the website are handmade, which makes them extra special and they are a really reasonable price too.


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