Why use a heart rate monitor when pregnant

One of piece of kit that I can’t live without when in the gym is my Polar Heart Rate Monitor. 


It gives me instant feedback so I can see how hard I am really working during each session.

Obviously being pregnant means I CAN’T go all out in the gym. I need to be look after number one – my baby – and researchers suggest that prolonged intense exercise can reduce blood supply to the placenta.

My level 3 Award in Designing Pre and Post-Natal Exercise Programmes stats that exercise intensity should be monitored and you should be working around 60-80% of peak aerobic capacity. So if you are;

Less than 20 years old – you should be aiming to workout out at around
140-155 beats per minute (bpm). 

If you are 20-29 years old – you should be aiming to work keep your heart rate between 135-150 bpm
30-39 years out between 130-145 bpm.

If you don’t want to invest in a heart rate monitor you can also use the ‘talk test’ to monitor your intensity. If you breathless while speaking when exercising, then reduce the intensity. As a rule of thumb you should be able to hold a conversation without having to stop and gasp for air!

I tend to keep my heart rate around 140 BPM this feels comfortable for me and re-assutring that once I return to exercise fully once the baby is here I won’t be TOO unfit. I think!