Pampers New Baby Sensitive Nappy

When it comes to choosing products for my hair and skin, I’m all for natural products that are kind to my body inside and out. My baby will be raised exactly the same way.

ImageSo you can imagine my happiness when I came across new Pampers New Baby Sensitive nappies. 

According to research 58% of mums believe that their baby’s skin is in some way or very sensitive – and I’m sure I will agree when my little one arrives.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and your baby’s skin is in contact with its nappy 24 hours a day, exposing delicate little bottoms to potential irritation. I’m hoping that these special nappies will reduce this irritation, thanks to the Absorb Away Layer, which will absorb any mess.

I also love the colour-changing Wetness Indicator on the nappies. Basically it has a pH activated indicator line on the front, which turns from yellow to blue the nappy comes into contact with baby’s wee. Very nifty!

I will most certainly be putting these nappies on my HUGE list of baby bits that I need to buy. The list feels endless right now – so it’s lucky I still 159 days to go!

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