De-stress for fertility – it’s time to relax a little

One of the most annoying things people used to say to me when we was trying for a baby was RELAX! “If your stressed things won’t happen“, “Stress is no good for you.” “chill out, it will happen.

The thing is, it makes it worse. How can you relax when you have appointments with a specialist every few weeks or when you couldn’t go to the gym and smash your body into the ground to relax (my weird way of unwinding!) – having a baby was constantly on my mind. I like to take control and for once couldn’t. The one thing I could do though, and did was change my nutrition and lifestyle.

One thing that helped me dramatically was getting to bed before 10pm every night. Now I know this may seem a bit drastic for some but research suggests that the deepest and most regenerative sleep occurs between 10 p.m and 2 a.m.

To help me sleep and de-stress I feel in love with Magnesium Oil Original Spray. A few strays behind the knees before I hit that hay meant I had topped my Magnesium levels up – which is an essential mineral often referred to as the relaxing mineral because of its role in relaxing muscles. Magnesium also supports heart health, and helps to regulate heart beat and rhythm, which pumps blood to the whole body and the reproductive organs, meaning its a  great mineral to aid with infertility.

If you would like more information on stress and infertility – you can also read my recent feature in Fertility Road Magazine, which gives a whole three pages of tips to de-stress. Now don’t shout at me – but I’ve got to say it. If you are feeling stressed then please try and relax. It took me a while to realise how important this was and once I did, I did listen to what everyone was telling me and booked me and my hubby a few weekends away, booked my self in for weekly acupuncture and enjoyed the odd bubble bath watching catch up TV. It obviously worked for us – so enjoy the moment and BREATHE………




Pre and Post Natal Fitness Qualification

Image As you may or may not know I am already a Level 3 NASM Personal Trainer but I don’t feel i have the knowledge or confidence to train myself or other ladies who may be expecting. I know the odd things like not to overheat when exercising, to avoid lying flat on your back after the first trimester (this position puts pressure on a major vein called the vena cava, which will reduce blood to your heart and may diminish blood flow to your brain and uterus, making you dizzy, short of breath, or nauseated) and to slow down if you can’t comfortably carry on a conversation, but these are just the basics right? If I want to carry on exercising safely and advising others then I need to know more, which is why I enrolled on Premier Training International’s Level 3 Award in pre and post natal exercise programmes.

The course is mainly online, with a weekend workshop in the middle and then an on-going case study that you need to do before you are awarded with the qualification.

I’ve already done the first module and learnt so much already, which I can’t wait to share with you all.

Over the course of the next few months I will be writing about some of the things I learnt, which will hopefully help you and your friends. Some of it is fascinating. I love learning about the human body – It really is a clever machine!