Sleek Technique – The perfect workout in the comfort of your own home

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 13.00.32There was only so long before I found myself at another ballet-inspired class that have become the talking point for so many fitness aficionados. I’ve done them all – BarreTONED, X-tend Barre and BarreCore. but the good thing about this class was that it was all online, and meant I could workout with instructor Flik Swan and three other class participants in the comfort of my own living room!

I bumped into Flik and Vicky of Sleek Technique last week at a press launch and straight away was blown away with their figures and vibrant energy. As ex-professional ballet dancers, their long and sleek figures stood out from the crowd and I couldn’t wait to wait to try one of their classes.

With my laptop set up in my living room, and Flik giving me advice at where to position it so she could see me and I could hear her clearly throughout the class, we plied and pulsed until my legs burnt, and stretched and lengthened until my ex-gymnast flexibility came back to me –  all -while protecting my little baby bump of course!

Flik was great. It felt no different to being in a class studio as she encouraged us and perfected our movements throughout the 30-minute session. She modified my movements to accommodate the baby but still pushed us to work hard and get the most out of the class.

I loved that the class pushed me to within an inch of quitting (especially the plies), then allowed recovery through expert stretching techniques; giving our quivering muscles a rest.

After the class my entire body felt worked, but this is not to say I was in pain –  I was just very aware that I had had a good workout. My legs and arms felt tired but at the same time I felt limber and fully aware of my posture.

I love the concept of this class. It’s great for all levels – including during pregnancy and there are lots of classes to choose from depending what level you are.

I’ll be leaving the Classical Cardio and the full Ballet Bootcamp classes until after my bubba is born – but believe me I will be taking advantage of the classes whilst he or she is born. As it sleeps, there’s no doubt I’ll be getting my workout in without having to leave the house and pay for creches and the like. A very cool concept – that I will definitely be sharing with my Mummy friends.


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