Hay Fever products that are safe to use during pregnancy

If you are anything like me and have hay fever yet are pregnant that you will probably be pretty miserable right now. A stuffy nose, tight chest and itchy eyes aren’t pleasant at the best of times, let alone when sleep and relaxation are at their most important and you keep waking up struggling to breathe. It’s a nightmare.

So I have have been on the hunt for the latest products on the market that are safe to use when expecting. There’s got to be something out there for us – right?

Sterimar Isotonic Nasal Hygiene
This salt water solution is designed to relieve congestion. Literally you stick it in your nostrils and squirt – and it can be used 2-6 times a day. Did it work for me? No I’m afraid not. My stuffy nose didn’t ease at all. In fact it felt like the solution just dripped straight out – giving me to need to use even more tissues. It was quite a powerful squirt too, so didn’t feel nice to use.


HayMax Pure Organic Drug-Free Balm
Similar to Vaseline, this balm is designed to trap pollen before it goes into your nose. You simply dab a little around your nostrils and your good to go.
I loved that this was totally natural, had a lavender smell, which helped me sleep and the fact that I was in control of how much I used.
I found this pretty effective but you do need to remember to reapply every time you blow your nose or sneeze, which was a lot to begin with!
I found it most effective when I put it on in at night before bed, first thing in the morning before the gym and then straight away after the shower. I think this helped loads! I hear James Duigan is a fan too – which is always reassuring!


Prevalin Allergy Nose Spray 
I remember my husband got this for me in a state of emergency. We were supposed to be going to a wedding and I called him crying my eyes out and told him I couldn’t go. My eyes were streaming and my nose was so blocked it was making my few sick. Horrible. I think I got myself a bit worked up and all I wanted was a hayfever tablet but couldn’t just incase I harmed the baby. So he came home with this nose spray. It certainly helped clear things up but you need to stay on top of it and build it up. It’s not a miracle worker but it helps. The spray is supposed to line the inside of the nose, deactivate pollen and get to the root of the problem. It’s designed for pregnant women and kids so isn’t as strong as some things on the market but it did help ease some of my symptoms. The day of the wedding, I did a hot water inhalation and used this. Thank god it helped!


NasalGuard Allergie Block Topical Gel
Again drug free and suitable for pregnant women and children, this really lightweight gel is designed to to block pollen entering the body through the nose and therefore preventing an allergic reaction.
Like Haymax I found it really effective – and the best thing was that it was so light and transparent that I could wear it over my makeup and it didn’t look shiny or sticky. I found that I used the Haymax before bed, as the lavender helped me sleep, then used this throughout the day – reapplying every 4-6 hours. So far so good. My system is working and I can breathe again!

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 15.11.11

Last but not least are my trusted eye drops.
Allclear Eye Drops
Made with from a sterile, preservative-free moistening solution for irritated eyes, containing the herb Eyebright – these drops are totally natural and have again been a life saver for me. As soon as I feel even a slight itch, I whip them open and pop into my eyes and they instantly soothe them. You only get 10 packs per packet which make them pretty expensive but if they do the job and make you happy and comfortable who cares?


So there we have it. A round up of my pregnancy hay fever remedies. I hope this helps you – drop me an email if you need any advice or want to ask me any questions about them x

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