When You’re Too Fit To Get Fat

18 months ago, I was in the best shape of my life.

I was working out six times a week – sometimes twice a day, eating a VERY clean diet of green veg, protein and more green veg and taking so many supplements I was rattling.

My confidence levels were at an all time high, but my body was screaming for me to stop!

At 8% body fat and 55kg (I’m 5ft 2), I struggled with my energy levels but most importantly my body stopped working. It was using so much energy on my workouts and keeping my organs working that it stopped focusing on my reproductive system, which stopped my periods and ultimately left me infertile for over 14 months.

At first I thought – it’s fine. I’m lean, clean and healthy, it’s just because I came off the pill and my body is still trying to get itself back into balance. It wasn’t until I got married and me and the hubby started thinkingabout children, that I realised I had severely damaged my body and was infertile. How did this happen and how did I let it get this far?

Here is my journey to recovery. If I can do it, anyone can, you just need to know how…..

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